Picture: Looking for Abalone on the Plateau of Tibet. July, 2003

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Age: 25

Albert Yu-Min Lin attained his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Material Science at the University of California, San Diego.  He is currently working on his Doctorate Degree.  His research is in the area of self-assembly of nanostructured composites, with a focus in the biomimetics and mechanical properties of natural materials.  His hobbies include surfing, traveling, hiking, and photography.

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Grazing on the roof of the world - Tibet July, 2003

    Hiking toward the Nam La Pass in the Everest region I could feel the effects of the harsh but unbelievably beautiful environment ripping into my body, slowly killing with every step.  The blood from my torn throat rose into my mouth leaving a salty, smooth taste, which though painful left me with a strange feeling of comfort.  It assured me that I was in fact alive and that my body was carrying me through this incredible land.  When the pounding in my head from the lack of oxygen to my brain was getting unbearable we stopped for a moment only to see the most beautiful image in my memory.  A brilliant white horse was grazing through a river carved valley as the sand covered mountains rose up in huge shadows around the magnificent beast.  Red rocks rambled under the bubbling torrents of a small glacier creak which snaked through the meadow.   In that moment I knew I was witnessing perfection.   Overwhelmed by the spirituality of the moment we could no longer push forward, we would camp there for the night and continue in the morning.   Slowly the setting sun gave way to the emerging night as the stairs began to peek through the depths of the dark blue sky.  The night grew cold with crisp dry air as clouds drifted over neighboring mountains only to dissipate as the land dropped out from under the rising dark masses.  Laying there in my down filled sleeping bag I watch as the brilliant moon crept across the sky illuminating the world it encircled.   When my eyes closed I could feel the pounding in my head grow stronger from, it was the beginning signs of altitude sickness.  I slowly fell asleep to the imprinted image of the horse in the meadow roaming and grazing through the valleys of my mind.  The next morning we continued on. 

Debating Monks - Tibet July, 2003

Picking Flowers for Tea - Dingri, Tibet July, 2003

From the endless fields of flowing yellow flowers to the razor tipped edges of the highest mountains in the world Tibet breaths with life in its most natural form.